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10 CEO Perspectives On Upskilling

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

To better understand how leaders view the effects of technology on their workforces and society, strategy+business looked back on two years’ worth of interviews conducted with CEOs from around the world.

Change the Conversation: “We need to help people understand that working for the same company in the long term, right up to the age of 65, no longer makes sense….We must change our approach and be very flexible, because all this transformation will erase many traditional views that we have about labor relations.” Antonio Huertas Mejías,CEO, MAPFRE

Focus on your existing workforce: “I saw an interview with the Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, where he was asked, ‘Where do you get these techies from?’ And he said, ‘I hired the people you fired.’ Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Bank

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